27 building plans approved

27 building plans approved

The Buildings Department approved 27 building plans in January – seven on Hong Kong Island, six in Kowloon and 14 in the New Territories.

Eight were for apartment and apartment-commercial developments, nine for commercial developments, four for factory and industrial developments, and six for community services developments.

Consent was given for work to start on 12 building projects which will provide 86,500 sq m of gross floor area for domestic use involving 1,602 units and 66,350 sq m of gross floor area for non-domestic use.

The department issued 16 occupation permits – two on Hong Kong Island, five in Kowloon and nine in the New Territories.

Buildings certified for occupation have 41,726 sq m of gross floor area for domestic use involving 421 units and 38,456 sq m for non-domestic use.

The declared cost of new buildings completed in the month was $2.6 billion.

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