Heritage committee chair appointed

Heritage committee chair appointed

Dr Lau Chi-pang has been appointed chairman of a new committee that will advise on the running of the Built Heritage Conservation Fund.

The fund was announced in the 2016 Policy Address and established with an initial funding of $500 million.

The Advisory Committee on Built Heritage Conservation will take over from the Advisory Committee on Revitalisation of Historic Buildings on May 14.

Dr Lau and the 14 appointed non-official members will serve for two years.

The committee comprises members from the architecture, historical research, social enterprise, engineering, surveying, town planning, finance, and business sectors, and private practitioners of built heritage conservation.

Secretary for Development Paul Chan said the committee’s composition will bring in fresh ideas, and he looks forward to working with it.

The committee will assess applications and monitor existing projects under the Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme, monitor the Financial Assistance for Maintenance Scheme, and advise on funding for education, community activities, academic research, and consultancy and technical studies.

The membership list of the newly formed ACBHC, with effect from May 15, 2016, is set out below:

Dr Lau Chi-pang

Non-official Members
Mr Wallace Chang Ping-hung
Mr Calvin Chiu Kit-man
Mr Vincent Ho Kui-yip
Professor Ho Pui-yin
Professor Desmond Hui Cheuk-kuen
Mrs Yvonne Law Shing Mo-han
Dr Jane Lee Ching-yee
Mrs Miranda Leung Chan Che-ming
Dr Eunice Mak Hoi-cheung
Ms Theresa Ng Choi-yuk
Dr Derrick Pang Yat-bond
Ms Salome See Sau-mei
Mr Douglas So Cheung-tak
Professor Billy So Kee-long

Official Members
Commissioner for Heritage, Development Bureau
Assistant Director of Architectural Services (Property Services)
Assistant Director of Leisure and Cultural Services (Heritage and Museums)


Heritage committee chair appointed

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