Gov’t Land sale to bring 2,600 flats

Gov’t Land sale to bring 2,600 flats

Government land to be sold in next year’s first quarter will provide 2,650 flats.

Secretary for Development Paul Chan told the media today the land will come from Government land sales and railway property developments.

The Government will sell by tender four residential sites in Stanley, Ho Man Tin, Sha Tin and Tuen Mun, providing about 1,550 flats.

The MTR Corporation plans to tender Package 10 of LOHAS Park during the quarter, which will provide another 1,100 flats.

He said private housing land supply in 2015-16 will yield about 20,300 units, exceeding the private housing land supply target of 19,000 flats, and showing the Government’s resolve in increasing housing land supply.

The Government has adopted a more flexible land sale strategy this year by putting up more sites for sale earlier in the year to cater for unexpected situations. He said the Government will continue to adopt this strategy to ensure flexibility to respond to different market situations.

As for commercial land supply, the Government will sell a 5,400 square metre Kwai Chung business site by tender in the quarter.


Gov’t Land sale to bring 2,600 flats.

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