16 building plans approved

16 building plans approved

The Buildings Department approved 16 building plans in February – four on Hong Kong Island, seven in Kowloon and five in the New Territories.

Thirteen were for apartment and apartment-commercial developments, and three for factory and industrial developments.

Consent was given for work to start on 18 building projects that will provide 146,872 sq m of gross floor area for domestic use, involving 2,382 units, and 283,846 sq m of gross floor area for non-domestic use.

The department received notification of the start of work for 11 building projects.

It also issued 10 occupation permits – two on Hong Kong Island, two in Kowloon and six in the New Territories.

The buildings certified for occupation have 9,327 sq m of gross floor area for domestic use, involving 148 units, and 29,531 sq m for non-domestic use.

The declared cost of new buildings completed in February totalled $1.1 billion.

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